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Why should I have a massage during my pregnancy?

Massage during pregnancy is essential in pre and post-natal care. The mother's muscles are continually adapting to the spine's changing shape and weight distribution.
Relaxin hormone, a hormone that is secreted during pregnancy, can make joints, tendons and ligaments move more freely than before. It is a hormone that is necessary to accommodate a growing baby and it assists in the timing of labour. It relaxes the ligament, muscle, and joint attachments of the spine, pelvis and throughout the body. This can create irritation and an overall feeling of instability.

What are the benefits of a massage during pregnancy?

Massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase your energy and relieve muscular discomfort as your body changes through each trimester of pregnancy.

Low back pain,sciatica, poor posture, fatigue, pregnancy headaches, dropped arches, calf cramping and swollen hands and feet are all symptoms pregnant women can address with massage therapy.

Prenatal massage can help with skin elasticity, the prevention of stretch marks, blood and lymph circulation and an overall sense of self-esteem and comfort with your changing body shape.