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What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is designed to improve performance, prevent injury and speed recuperation from injury. Sports massage can be used prior to an event to prepare the body or after an event to help reduce recovery time and address any injuries. Between events sports massage can address muscular imbalances that may be contributing to long term injury.

What are the benefits of sports massage?

Sports massage helps by increasing the removal of metabolic wastes such as lactic acid as well as increasing blood circulation leading to decreased muscle soreness and reduced healing time. It can prevent muscle and tendon injuries and enable the athlete to recover more quickly from myofascial injury with less chance of chronic problems returning.

Sports massage enhances a preventative approach to athletic training whereby soft tissues are free of trigger points and adhesions, thus contributing toward the improvement of peak neuromuscular functioning.

When should I have a Sports Massage?

Massage prior to an event stimulates circulation, calms nervous tension and prepares the athlete for optimal performance while reducing the chance for injury.

Post event massage helps in recovery from hard training and competition.

Training massage focuses on the prevention of developing chronic injuries and aids in the healing process of current ones.